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The Dangers of Working in Poor Lighting

Whether in an industrial, office or commercial environment, proper lighting makes all tasks easier and safer. Providing a safe working environment for staff and visitors ensures compliance with health and safety guidelines, whilst also boosting productivity and mental health.

What are the effects of working in poor lighting?

A report from Staples found that 80% of office workers say having good lighting in their workspace is important to them. Poor lighting can increase stress and anxiety, as well as impact productivity and focus, all having a negative impact on business. Within an office environment the risks are lower than in an industrial setting.

32% of office workers said better lighting would make them happier at work

Having a sufficient, properly distributed source of light in industrial workspaces is vital.

Machinery, objects up high and moving parts bring enough risk. Poor lighting should not add to this. Headaches from straining eyes and an increased risk of accidents due to eyes adjusting to lighter or darker surroundings can make for an unsafe workspace.

Even the flickering of lights can cause the misjudgment of the position, shape, and speed of an object.

Did you know… People receive around 85% of their information through their sense of sight.

Eliminate poor lighting and illuminate your business operations.

Now is the perfect time to review and upgrade to LED lighting. As Winter approaches, we begin switching the lights on much earlier and leave them on for longer. Energy bills can increase as much as 36% in winter compared to summer.

Making the switch to LEDs lighting can help reduce the overall cost of a business’s energy bill. As well as cheaper to run, more efficient and longer lasting, LEDs offer a brighter, better-quality light. LED can offer directional lighting for a machine or give an even lighting in an office workspace. They offer efficient solutions for all working environments.

Not got LEDs? Book a free LED lighting consultation below and we’ll calculate your annual lighting savings!

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