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Emergency Lights - An Absolute Necessity For Your Business Premises

Before – faulty Emergency spotlights

NLT Electrical engineers attended site following an initial Emergency Lights test, some of which were not working or were faulty. The client, a busy manufacturing facility, required the work to be completed with no disruption to the operation, whilst ensuring that completed work satisfied the site's Health & Safety regulations.

The initial inspection revealed that several above-door emergency exit lights, twin spotlights, and a bulkhead required replacing, along with relocating the switch key to make it accessible. Often working at heights or under, working machinery, our engineers worked to ensure there was no disruption to production and all people on site were safe.

After – fully functional Emergency spotlights

After all emergency lights were replaced, a full flick test was carried out to ensure all lighting was in safe, working order, and complied with Health & Safety regulations.

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