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Keeping it Cool: Full Air Conditioning Installed at Forterra's Desford Site

The £95 million brick manufacturing plant in Desford aims to double production capacity up to 180 million bricks each year.

NLT Electrical were instructed to design and install the vital air conditioning for the enormous site, as well as the heat ratio and all control panels involved.

Air conditioning is in units which is run by copper pipe, before being gassed. There is an interlink cable installed from the internal to the external unit, which can usually be controlled by remote.

These units usually have a 16 amp single phase supply, but there are also three phase units available.

In total, NLT have installed 25 units at the Desford plant. Each unit will need pumps to push condensed water out of the building as there is no internal drainage.

Works are due to be completed shortly to ensure the efficiency of the Forterra site.

For air conditioning design and installation quotations, call NLT Electrical to speak to an engineer on 01827 767 100.

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