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Forterra Factory Gets A Full LED Renovation with NLT Electrical

Leading construction manufacturer, Forterra, is looking forward to a brighter future following an LED lighting upgrade by NLT Electrical at its Accrington factory.

The changes have produced a multitude of long-lasting benefits for the company that will prove their worth in both practical and financial terms.

The new LED lighting has improved visibility and working conditions for staff on the factory floor, making it much safer and easier for people to do their jobs. This in turn has contributed to an increase in productivity.

Benefits will also include reduced annual costs at the brickworks in Whinney Hill Rd, Huncoat, equating to thousands of pounds in financial savings. Carbon emission reduction will also help Forterra achieve environmental targets.

The move to replace more than 100 of the factory’s ceiling lights was prompted by the site’s health and safety team, who flagged up a number of concerns being caused by poor lighting.

Risk of accidents

Nathan Tromans, managing director at NLT Electrical said: “Unsatisfactory light levels in the factory and walkways presented an increased risk of accidents.

“It was also causing problems for staff who were having to leave their workstations to manually check tracks on the factory floor because the pictures transmitted on their monitors weren’t clear. It was simply too dark to see what was on the tracks. In some areas of the factory, additional portable lamps were being used but these still couldn’t produce enough illumination to complete work effectively.

“The constant trips backwards and forwards disrupted the workflow and wasted so much time.

“We were able to suggest a solution that would improve the level of brightness but without the need to increase the number of lamps. We achieved this by upgrading Forterra’s existing highbay sodium fittings and first generation LEDs to highbay LED fittings.

“These flood the area with light making work areas clear and defined, ensuring the monitors can pick up the detail required. It is a vast improvement on the muted yellow from the previous lamps and makes the work environment far safer and easier to navigate.”

‘Like daylight’

Workers at Accrington have commented that the changes have made a dramatic difference with one describing it as ‘like daylight’, and site bosses noticed an instant upturn in productivity because of the LED installation.

Financial benefits are also substantial. Not only is the business gaining man-hours in previously lost time, it is anticipated the LED lighting enhancements will slash annual electricity bills by more than 50 percent, saving the company thousands of pounds.

Thanks to greater energy efficiency, CO2 emissions could also halve compared to those of the previous lighting installations.

Nathan added: “Lighting is such an important element of the workspace, whether you’re in a factory, warehouse, or office environment.

“An efficient and cost-effective LED lighting installation guarantees a significant return on investment, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers while cutting energy bills and maintenance costs long-term.”

NLT Electrical are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial lighting solutions. To enquire about a site survey and quote, please contact the NLT team.

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