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Emergency Electrical Work Done for Customer Following Heavy Rainstorm

A power shortage is inconvenient to say the least, but when you have a busy essential service factory to run, the consequences can be very costly.

Our customer contacted us late on Friday afternoon after a heavy rainstorm, they explained that a distribution board had tripped out. They suspected it had suffered some water damage but needed our expertise to diagnose the fault and rectify it.

When we got to site, the board was indeed water damaged, but the site had also lost a phase from the substation.

After replacing the MCCB, we got the phase back, and then we started to strip the distribution board down.

All MCB’s and RCBO’s were replaced because they had blown and were badly damaged.

Burnt out spine of the distribution board.

Our team worked though the weekend to repair the water-damaged board so that the factory minimised their downtime and was able to safely resume their essential work on Monday morning.

Our customer was very happy that our team was able to attend quickly and resolve the issues efficiently and safely, whilst also ensuring that the new installation is more watertight than the previous one.

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