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What's the Difference Between a Commercial and an Industrial Electrician?

Ever wondered what the difference between a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician is? Electricians are not all the same and it certainly isn’t a one size fits all profession. Different needs require a different skill area. Whether it be domestic, testing, commercial or industrial, some electricians choose to specialise in only one area.

What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians specialise in providing electrical repair, maintenance, and testing within commercial premises. Whether that be offices, retail and leisure facilities, or other business premises. Alongside repairing and maintaining current electrical systems, commercial electricians can install new systems and design plans which suit your needs best. Installing new conduits, trunking, sockets, lighting, and distribution boards, to ensure premises are safe and plans are met.

When to call a commercial electrician?

If your office building, retail store, or restaurant requires any new installations, rewiring or cables laid, then you need a commercial electrician. Other requirements could be:

  • Installing new equipment (tills, lights, clocking-in machines etc.)

  • Rewiring existing equipment

  • Testing of current systems to ensure safety standards are met

  • Maintenance of lighting and wiring – either part of a tailored package or a one-off check-up

What is an industrial electrician?

An industrial electrician repairs, tests and maintains electrical equipment. The industrial element of the phrase mainly refers to the location in which work is being carried out, factories, manufacturing plants and mines. As well as the electrical systems within the premises industrial electricians can install new wiring, connect power to motors and diagnose and repair machines and system faults.

When to call an industrial electrician?

Factories and premises with machinery should have a reliable, qualified industrial electrician they can call upon. This will ensure operations run smoothly, safely and efficiently. Other requirements could be:

  • Installing new electrical systems

  • Fault finding or troubleshooting existing systems or equipment

  • Repairing and maintaining electrical equipment

Due to the higher amperage and larger power needs for factories and some machinery industrial electricians need to be highly trained and experienced.

Thankfully, you don’t have to decide if you need a commercial or industrial electrician. We have a team that specialises in commercial and industrial work. Give us a call on 01827 211 600 today to speak to our friendly team.

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